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Nurcan Ilgin


Hello! I send my greetings to everyone I met at the festival last year.

As I write these lines here, I feel a tremendous excitement and happiness, which I wanted to share with all of you.

I have had the chance to attend many different festivals around the world, each with its own unique characteristics and schools of thought. Every time, I found myself thinking, "I wish I could do something like this in Turkey."

And so, I embarked on a journey with the aim of organizing a festival that I had been dreaming of for a long time.

Finally, last year, together with my friend Noha, we organized our first festival, turning my dream into reality. The incredible success of our festival, the overwhelming feedback and the participants not wanting to leave even after the festival ended, expressing their desire to stay a bit longer, touched me deeply and made me incredibly happy. All of this showed me that this festival, created by listening to my heart, has achieved its purpose.

So, are we ready for the second edition of this beautiful festival???

I am ready! And I am very excited.

Now, I can almost hear you asking, "Nurcan, who are you and what can you bring to me?"

In short, I am a traveller who listens to the voice of my free spirit. In 2016, I took a significant step that could be considered life-changing for many people. I sold my home, quit my job, and embarked on a world tour with just my backpack.

I have travelled to more than 60 countries and had the opportunity to live in three different countries. The enthusiasm for life, music, and dance that I experienced in South and Central America deeply influenced me, especially in Oaxaca Mexico! I think it would have been amazing to continue living there if it weren't so far away. Currently, my favourite city is London, where I reside.

I have an unpredictable, slightly crazy, and rebellious spirit that never knows what it will do next. I realized that I became calmer after completing my Yoga teacher training in India and Turkey.                                      I graduated from the Social Sciences department of Birkbeck University in London. Creating such a festival in my country, where people come together to share common thoughts and excitement, has been my ultimate goal.

Yes, a different world is possible, and together we are creating it. Are you ready to join me in lighting this torch?

  • Instagram - Siyah Çember
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Bodrum Karakaya Retreat Center

Bodrum Karakaya Retreat Center Nestled in the stunning nature of Bodrum, Bodrum Karakaya Retreat is one of Turkey's largest retreat and festival centers, spread across 30 acres of forested land. With over 100 accommodation units consisting of stylish stone houses and 3 large seminar halls, it offers a unique experience to guests just 5 minutes away from the sea. The center boasts meticulously prepared, unique, healthy, branded meals by its magnificent chef.

Istanbul Healing Academy The Istanbul Healing Academy, which organizes many international trainings in Turkey such as Bodynamic, Narm, and Hellinger, hosts dozens of festivals, retreats, and training sessions in this field every year.

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Umut    Can   YILMAZ

Web designer

I'm Umut Can, a web designer and software engineer. I began my career by gaining experience in various industries. My focus is on creating artful designs and user-friendly solutions in my projects. I stay updated on technology and design trends to deliver contemporary projects. With a culture of communication and collaboration with clients, I aim to achieve success together, combining my passion for leaving a mark in both websites and digital projects with my creativity.

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Social Media Agency


I am Deniz Aslan. I am the Co-Founder of Nuhev Media & Technology Company. Since the first day when our agency services, which is one of the areas our company works in, met with Kozmik Festival, I feel like I have been living for this job rather than working for this job. The energies of the participants and the endless motivation of Kozmik Festival creator Nurcan made me a part of the Kozmik Festival family. I am always chasing the next festival and looking forward to meet brand new participants.

  • Instagram - Siyah Çember
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