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Tanra: Sacred Heart Connection

This workshop is suitable for individuals and couples seeking to open their hearts to a deeper connection with themselves and others.

 Practices will include opening of energy centres in the body for flow of heart energy, sound healing, visualisations, and partner work with participants to build stronger heart-to-heart connections by tuning into the senses.

 We will explore the concept of love and heart-centredness in tantric philosophy.


'Master B is from St Lucia where he began his journey in shamanism and spirituality. He started his career studying classical ballet and other dance forms. He has always connected dance and his spirituality together working in unison. Master B travelled extensively with his dance work eventually ending up in Goa, India where he lived and worked for 8 years. There he studied yoga and different modalities in massage, honing his skills. He has teachers from India, Britain and Australia. He has been on the path of Tantra studying with his teacher for years.


 Tantra is the journey to our essence that reminds us of who we are. Journeying from lies to truth as it is the most powerful source of energy in the universe. Every living thing in the universe; plants, animals, people; from the largest to the smallest, all use Tantra knowingly or unknowingly. It is the source of creation.


 He held workshops in many parts of the world and gave speeches about how this energy source can weaken or strengthen the individual when used incorrectly.

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Self-Discovery and Empowerment

Step into a transformative experience led by Hulya Erbeyli, an experienced Trainer, Coach, and Consultant. With over 25 years of experience working with individuals and teams, Hulya brings a wealth of expertise to her workshops.

Specializing in Holistic Leadership, Self Leadership, Career, and Personal Development, Hulya is passionate about the inner workings of the human spirit. She has a deep connection with the inner child, inner teenager, and the transformative power of tantra work.

As a facilitator, Hulya works closely with both individuals and groups, empowering them to uncover their soul's truth and tap into their inner power. Through a diverse range of expressive modalities including coaching, body movements, creative dance, music, meditation and  art, she guides participants on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing.

With Hulya's guidance, you'll embark on a path of self-exploration, embracing your authentic self. Prepare to engage your senses, unlock your creative potential, and cultivate a deeper connection with yourself.

Join workshops facilitated by Hulya, and discover the transformative power within you. Unleash your true potential and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment like never before.

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Hatha and Tantra Practices and Meditations

The Morning Practices are based on the activation of the root and abdominal chakras through deep application of mudras, bandhas, and kriyas. Practices will include Bastrika pranayama, grounding asanas, sun piercing and drinking exercises, and viparita karani kundalini kriyas. These practices regulate the digestive and circulatory systems and also revitalize the sympathetic nervous system by regulating the autonomic nervous system.


Men Circle 

A men's circle is a supportive and inclusive space where men come together to engage in open and honest discussions about various aspects of their lives. These circles provide a safe environment for men to share their experiences, challenges, and emotions without fear of judgment. Participants often offer each other advice, encouragement, and empathy, fostering personal growth and a sense of community among the members. Through regular meetings and mutual support, men's circles aim to promote emotional well-being, self-awareness, and positive masculinity.

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A women's circle

A women's circle provides a supportive and nurturing environment where women come together for open and heartfelt conversations. These circles offer a safe space for participants to share their experiences, emotions, and concerns. They often provide support to one another, encourage growth together, and strengthen the bond of sisterhood. Women's circles aim to support both individual and collective personal development, empowering women to express themselves and thrive.

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Hula ( Hawaiian Dance)

Immerse yourself in the wonderful rhythms of Hawaii as you feel, sway, dance, and liberate your hips. Classes are influenced by the natural rhythms of islands, where nature has always been the primary source of inspiration. Join our workshops to learn the fundamental techniques of Hula movements. You'll sense the profound significance of Hawaiian philosophy and feel the deeper meaning of movement.  You'll embody the grace, flow and expressiveness. We will learn a short choreography straight from the island and fill our day with joy from discovering something completely new. Be sure not to miss out on classes that evoke: positive energy, joy and mindfulness.

WHAT IS HULA DANCE? For Hawaiians, Hula is a way of life. It's the rhythm of the pahu drums and the dancer's feet, moving not only the body but also the heart. It's the discovery of sounds that give strength. It's learning about the legends of the Pacific peoples. Ultimately, it's the study of songs and dances that express the Hawaiian perspective on the power and strength that Nature holds within.


Tahitian Dance

Tahitian dance is a harmonious blend of grace and beauty, coupled with strength and confidence. Tahiti, an island in the South Pacific and the largest within the French Polynesia group, is the backdrop for this captivating art form. Tahitian dance focuses on swift hip movements accompanied by powerful percussion. Dancers form lines and, much like the Hula dance, use it as a means to narrate stories about everyday life, incorporating various hip techniques like circles, semi-circles, and figure-eights. Does Ori Tahiti dancing benefit your hip health? Indeed, it offers additional advantages, including hip stretching and increased energy levels. Thanks to its characteristic steps, Ori Tahiti serves to alleviate stress on the joints. Furthermore, dancing contributes to the well-being of your abdominal muscles, back, and legs, releasing hip tension. Dancers embellish their performances with elaborate costumes, featuring grass skirts with tassel belts, highlighting the graceful movements of their hips, along with brightly colored flower headdresses.



5th Rhythm Dance  : Body Awareness

Body awareness is important, because it allows us to use our body on more consciuos way and makes us more active. It allows us to understand body's limitations and play more confidently in the space around us. Class will included mapping our body, finding connections and explore creativity through movement.

Working on awareness of bodily sensations involves: • Developing a sense of the body (sensory awareness) • Developing language for sensation and movement Sensory awareness includes: • All movement practices that enliven the body - activating weight, deepening breath, flow, connections within the body. • Mindfulness practice, dedicating attention to the experience of the body.


Rise and Shine Yoga

Throughout the festival, Nurcan will be sharing energizing Vinyasa flows with the community every morning. Vinyasa yoga is one of the most practiced styles of modern yoga, where participants of all levels are instructed to transition smoothly between Asanas, paired with the breath. This seamless, flowy practice is a great opportunity to check in with your mind & body, and have an energetic start to the day!


Dr Seth

Ayuverdic Physician

Discover the secrets of Ayurveda for longevity in seminar. Dive into ancient wisdom and practices that promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Learn how Ayurveda can help you achieve longevity and overall well-being, detox and health. Explore the principles of Ayurveda nutrition, self-care rituals, and mindful living. Uncover the keys to a vibrant and harmonious life with Ayurveda.

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Ege will tell us about the effects of Nature and Music on human beings, how to integrate this art into our lives and how to bring out the hidden artist in us. Ege flute will accompany us with his mystical music at the festival.

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Alternative Dialogue workshop

I am Antonius aka Master B, aka Huna Ka Ni Ho Wa. 

Many people are unaware of the simple fact: That the path to healing always starts from within yourselves and from your connection to the Divine Creator. Let me start by sharing this information with you. As we are spiritual beings, in physical form, on this journey called life having a human experience. As HU MAN BE IN.  This is the breakdown for human beings.
We must step OUT and into our innate Spiritual Power so we can heal and fulfill our inner-most life knowing.
As HU MAN BE IN’S most people are conscious of refraining themselves from polluting their environment, however most people aren’t aware of polluting their physical body, and what they put into this vessel of the soul, and the same time there is absolutely no awareness of what and how to take care of the mind - the most powerful of all, the thoughts, and their power to manifest. 

The mind is so powerful, I will share this little tale with you.
Which brings me back to the power and the possibility of thought, and the mind.

For the Kozmik Festival I will share with you how important it is to refrain oneself from ‘spelling’ themselves and others through the power of the mind.

With the Alternative Dialogue workshop, I will share with you to be mindful, and consciously speak words to make the ‘unconscious consciousness. Are you ready?



Relationship Coach

Discover the path to a fulfilling relationship! In this transformative workshop, you'll
gain clarity on your values, desires, and needs in a life partner. Learn online dating
skills, and effective communication strategies. Unlock the secrets to successful
connections and experience the love, intimacy, and partnership you've always
dreamed of. Don't miss this enlightening journey towards finding your perfect match!
Join us for the Conscious Dating Workshop and embrace the opportunity to create a
meaningful and lasting relationship.

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Dance of Duality

Creative Dance Workshop
"Balance of opposite polars is the dance of true love." –

Duality is a concept that encompasses two opposite poles or conflicting elements. The state of these two opposing elements coexisting defines wholeness. We can express these contrasts, which also reflects conflicts within us, such as yin and yang, masculine and feminine, light and dark, good and evil. 

When we consciously balance and accept these duality within ourselves, we can find harmony and move towards wholeness.

This dance workshop is designed to open space for you to embody your awareness with a joyful flow, utilizing the power of movement, dance, and music.

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Yoga Philosophy and Signature Event

The Morning Practices are based on the activation of the root and abdominal chakras through deep application of mudras, bandhas, and kriyas. Practices will include Bastrika pranayama, grounding asanas, sun piercing and drinking exercises, and viparita karani kundalini kriyas. These practices regulate the digestive and circulatory systems and also revitalize the sympathetic nervous system by regulating the autonomic nervous system.

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Fire ceremony 

A fire ceremony is a powerful Shamanic practice used to release unwanted energies and attachments from the past and make space for new intentions. A fire ceremony can be used to release unhappy memories, fears, negative emotions, and anything that you are holding onto that doesn't serve your Higher Self.

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Healing Intimacy

Connecting Your Inner Teenager 
Discover the power of connecting your inner teenager to unlock deeper levels of intimacy and connection in your life. Join us on a transformative journey as we explore and reclaim the hidden powers within.

Within each of us resides an inner teenager, a vibrant and spirited part of ourselves that carries both struggles and untapped potential. Unresolved challenges from our teenage years can unknowingly impact our present lives, hindering our ability to forge meaningful connections.

In this workshop, we invite you to explore and heal your connection with your inner teenager. Together, we will uncover the hidden powers and spark within, revitalizing your ability to connect authentically with yourself and others.

Through Coaching, Creative Dancing, Music and Meditation, we’ll take a journey  to heal the struggles and limitations of your inner teenager. Embrace self-expression, cultivate self-compassion, and ignite your vibrant energy.

Experience clarity, confidence, and authentic connections by tapping into the magic of your healed inner teenager. Join this workshop  to discover your potential for intimacy and connection.



Kundalini Yoga Meditation and Mantra Breath

In this workshop, we combine Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and Mantra Breath techniques to calm the mind, balance energy, and enhance inner peace. Participants will learn and experience simple yet effective techniques to rejuvenate their bodies and minds.

Workshop Content: Kundalini Yoga Poses: Opening the body and gaining flexibility with Kundalini Yoga's special poses and movements. Meditation Practice: Applying meditation techniques to calm the mind and enhance inner peace. Mantra Breath: Directing the breath and balancing energy with the powerful breath techniques of Kundalini Yoga along with the use of special mantras.

This workshop is open to participants of all levels. The simplicity and practicality of the techniques allow everyone to participate comfortably.



Who am I?

"Who am I?" is an unanswerable question; it has no definitive answer. Your mind may generate various responses. In this 1.5-hour session, everyone will pair up and sit facing each other. Whether you know the person you are paired with or not does not matter.

This is a truly magical exercise. It allows you to observe the natural flow of your mind while also gaining the ability to be an external observer.



Mantra - Music – Singing - Chanting and Ecstatic Dance 

Experience an enchanting evening of Music, Mantra, Singing, Chanting, and Ecstatic Dance as we come together for a night brimming with joy, fun, and conscious awareness. Join us as we embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Tonight, let's kindle the fire within, burn away the old, and emerge refreshed and renewed, ready to embrace the magic of life. You’ll see a community sharing their passion with love in Heaven

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​African Dance Teacher

African Dance Workshop

"If you can speak you can sing, if you can walk you can dance." - Zimbabwean Proverb

Under the guidance of the founder of Turkey's first African Rhythm and Dance Ensemble, Dance Afrika, and the lead drummer of the group, Salim Peker from Senegal, join us for an exhilarating and liberating African Dance Workshop accompanied by live African music. This workshop, open to participants of all ages and abilities, will awaken, energize, honor, and bring balance to your existence while freeing your spirit to the rhythmic beats of Africa.

Dance is deeply rooted within us as one of the earliest forms of communication. African Dance and music serve as the foundation for many dance and music genres such as jazz, funk, tap, salsa, Afro-Cuban, hip-hop, swing, and zumba, and have become widely popular worldwide. African Dance takes you on a wonderful journey that brings mind, body, and spirit together to the rhythmic beat of African drums. Even if you have never danced before, or even if you think you have two left feet, you can develop and connect with your own sense of rhythm. This workshop offers a breathtaking encounter unlike any other dance, enriched with live music, natural, athletic, energetic, tribal, and joyful—a true reflection of the dancer's inner world, excitement, spirit, which is the essence of our own healing.

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Yoga Philosophy and Signature Event

A talk on the place of Yoga philosophy in today's world and a small signature event.


Serap Danyildiz

Nutritional Therapy and Kinesiology: A Holistic Approach to Health

In this 90-minute workshop, we will explore the principles and benefits of Nutritional Therapy and Kinesiology, two holistic approaches to restoring health and well-being.

Nutritional therapy utilizes the science of nutrition to promote optimal health, peak performance, and disease prevention. By providing carefully tailored recommendations for diet and lifestyle, it aims to alleviate or prevent ailments and improve overall well-being. Some key benefits of nutritional therapy include:

  • Improved digestive health

  • Weight loss support and management of type II diabetes

  • Strengthened immune system

  • Enhanced energy levels

  • Individualized approach that considers your unique body and metabolism

Kinesiology, developed by Dr. George J. Goodheart in the 1960s, is another holistic system that focuses on restoring health and well-being. This approach utilizes muscle testing as a diagnostic tool and employs various therapeutic techniques to address imbalances. By asking targeted questions through non-invasive muscle testing, we can uncover what your body needs to regain equilibrium. Kinesiology takes a comprehensive approach, addressing the digestive, hormonal, neuro-vascular, lymphatic, meridian, and skeletal systems. It identifies and treats the root cause of imbalances rather than just managing symptoms.

Join  to her workshop learn more about these holistic approaches and how they can benefit your health and well-being. Discover how nutritional therapy and kinesiology can provide personalized solutions to improve your overall quality of life. Please note that no electrical stimulation will be involved in the muscle testing process.

Also you can purchase her therapy session.

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