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Master B is from St Lucia where he began his journey in shamanism and spirituality. He started his career studying classical ballet and other dance forms. He has always connected dance and his spirituality together working in unison. Master B travelled extensively with his dance work eventually ending up in Goa, India where he lived and worked for 8 years. There he studied yoga and different modalities in massage, honing his skills. He has teachers from India, Britain and Australia.

He has been on the path of Tantra studying with his teacher for years.



Step into a transformative experience led by Hulya Erbeyli, an experienced Trainer, Coach, and Consultant. With over 25 years of experience working with individuals and teams, Hulya brings a wealth of expertise to her workshops.


Specializing in Holistic Leadership, Self Leadership, Career, and Personal Development, Hulya is passionate about the inner workings of the human spirit. She has a deep connection with the inner child, inner teenager, and the transformative power of tantra work.


As a facilitator, Hulya works closely with both individuals and groups, empowering them to uncover their soul's truth and tap into their inner power. Through a diverse range of expressive modalities including coaching, body movements, creative dance, music, meditation and  art, she guides participants on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing.


With Hulya's guidance, you'll embark on a path of self-exploration, embracing your authentic self. Prepare to engage your senses, unlock your creative potential, and cultivate a deeper connection with yourself.


Join workshops facilitated by Hulya, and discover the transformative power within you. Unleash your true potential and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment like never before.

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Nurcan studied Social Sciences at Birkbeck University of London with a passion to serve humanity, and in 2016 she decided to combine this desire with eastern philosophy and spiritual practices. She completed her first yoga training in India. Nurcan, who was initially interested in the purely physical aspects of yoga, began sharing her teachings from a holistic perspective by listening to the mind's reflections over time. Yoga is now a natural lifestyle for her, where she believes asanas can help people discover their true selves. She enjoys sharing the practices that helped her immensely with those around her, and is looking forward to passing on the esoteric yoga, Vinyasa and holistic soul-body-mind studies in which she has completed her specialized training. You can find Nurcan’s most recent offerings on her IG blog @nurcan_soul_of_light

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Barbara Muś is a psychologist and massage therapist by profession, and a passionate dancer  of Latin American, Hawaiian Hula, and Tahitian dance. She has a deep love for water and dance, and is a true enthusiast of music and people. Her journey in Latin American Dance began at "The Salsa Kings" Dance School, where she trained under one of the world's top instructors. Six years ago, she discovered the beauty of Hawaiian dance – Hula, and instantly fell in love with it. Since then, she has immersed herself in Hawaiian culture, music, dance and massage.Barbara has been fortunate to have exceptional teachers like Justyna Miąc, Magdalena Samojllik, Joshua Lanakila Mangauil, Mana, and Hinatea, who not only inspired her to dance, but also encouraged her to connect with nature and follow
her instincts.
With a background in psychology, Barbara understands even more deeply the incredible benefits that can be derived from movement in any form. She is committed to continuously improving her dancing skills, including participating in Tahitian dance training under the guidance of native instructors of this dance. She joyfully shares her experiences and immense passion for dance with others.

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Dr.   SETH

Dr. Sethsiri Wijayasingha was born into a family of doctors in Sri Lanka.

His father Sarathchandra Wijayasinha is an Ayurvedic doctor and professor of neuropathology at the Ayurvedic University of Colombo. Sethsiri's mother worked as a gynecologist in the family clinic.


Dr. Seth studied at Ayurvedic Medical University in Colombo. Gampaha Wikramarchi. He graduated from the faculty with a degree in Panchakrama (detox) specialist.


He also studied acupuncture techniques, various Tibetan techniques and Thai medicine.

After graduating from the University he worked in a family clinic, later he founded his own small clinic in Mirissa “Madunandani Ayurveda In Mirissa”


In 2015 Seth moved to Turkey at the invitation of his clients and began his practices at the Hotel in Alanya.Several times a year he visits Ukraine, Russia and the Czech Republic with his program.



Born in Izmir. After his undergraduate education at METU Department of Mathematics, he completed his master's degree at METU Department of Philosophy. She was a visiting researcher at the University of Manchester. He published books in the style of travel literature and literary fragments. The books he wrote on yoga and meditation reached a wide readership. His latest book is Fundamentals of Meditation.

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Ege will enlighten us about the effects of Nature and Music on human beings, and guide us on how to integrate this art into our lives and bring forth the hidden artist within us. Ege Flute will accompany us with his flute, he    will accompany us with her mystical music at the festival.

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Elizabeth Seda Sharam, who has spent her life in Los Angeles, has been sharing her knowledge with love by living part-time in Bodrum for the last 3 years after giving training in Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Meditative and Ecstatic Fire Dance, Reiki, EFT, Breath, and Mantra fields in Los Angeles, Tulum Mexico, Costa Rica, and Thailand for many years.

After Bogazici University, she established the "Rewiring the Brain for Happiness" method with her studies on Happiness Psychology at the University of Washington and Yale University. This method has found a place in positive psychology as the Mind Programming for Happiness project. Seda has given thousands of seminars and classes in the United States, Central America, and Thailand. Her work has been featured in leading magazines and radio programs in the United States.

During the years she lived in Mexico and Costa Rica, she deepened her shamanic energy with Maya Shamans. Combining her training with world-renowned Kundalini teacher Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa with her work with Shamans in Costa Rica and Mexico, she continues to teach in Bodrum, Tulum, and Thailand.


İnci   TURAN

African Dance Teacher
Inci Turan, born in Germany, has been promoting African Dance in Turkey since 2005. After working at Oracle, Xerox, and Akbank, she pursued African Dance training in New York. Having shared the stage with renowned masters like Mamady Keita and Salif KEITA, Turan founded Turkey's first African Rhythm and Dance Ensemble, 'DANS AFRİKA.' She also taught African dance at Koç University and conducted motivational workshops for corporate teams of over 20 multinational companies. Her work has been covered by media outlets such as RFI, Forbes, The New Yorker, Cumhuriyet, and CNN Turk.



Born in Istanbul, Serap moved to London in 2001 and started her journey to share her passion about nutrition , food, wellness, and years of experience with coaching clients one-on-one. She wanted to reach more people to share her experience and share healthy, delicious plant based recipes so she  started teaching healthy eating and cooking classes for groups of people as a trained Food for Life Trainer.

When She was 21 years old she started suffering from severe acne problem which was stress related as she had a very stressful job at that time.  She didn’t have any acnes when she was teenager. She started taking medication and seeing dermatologists and wasn't getting any results.

Instead Serap developed food intolerances of gluten, yeast, dairy and sesame seed. She started suffering from poor digestion, IBS and leaky gut, low energy dull skin and hair.


In a nutshell, addressing her food sensitivities helped heal her gut and absorb all those delicious nutrients.

She shares and live the whole foods lifestyle no matter what diet you are on. She is very passionate to inspire you with her nourishing recipes and to show you that healthy eating can be very tasty,  fun and exciting.

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