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Kozmik Festival

Volunteer Application Form

Thank you for considering to apply to be a volunteer at the Kozmik Festival. Your role as a volunteer is to assist with the necessary tasks allocated to you by the Volunteer Manager.  

This work is designed to provide the set up, delivery, maintenance, supervising, and hospitality functions to make the Kozmik Spiritual Festival a success.

What is included in the ticket for Volunteer Ticket:

- Access to Festival Site
- Access to workshops by Top Spiritual Facilitators in the Stardust Tent
- Tent pitch
- Breakfast and Dinner throughout festival

Your ticket will be processed after your application is accepted.


Please complete the following and we will be in touch:

Have you volunteered before?
Can you volunteer for 4 hours each day from 2nd to 5th May (4 days)?

Thank you for your apply!

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